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Visit live performances in dynamic virtual worlds with your friends and collect exclusive branded wearables.


Create your own metaspaces and experiences in Unreal Engine and publish these live to any website or channel.


Mint your 3D assets as NFTs and airdrop them in your metaspace as part of a virtual auction or giveaway.

"...this team is building the most powerful metaverse on the most powerful blockchain..."

$YOM fuels the ecosystem

Tokenized Tickets

Sell tickets & passes that provide access to exclusive metaspaces

Tokenized Metaspaces

Sell or lease metaspaces to organize events and generate revenue

Tokenized Wearables

Sell unique wearables that can be worn across all metaspaces


Earn rewards and NFTs by partaking in events hosted in metaspaces


Make metaspaces profitable by displaying branded assets


Wear branded assets to acquire unique abilities & generate revenue

All good... Beam me up, Scotty!

1. Visit...

...a partnersite building a metaspace on YOM.

2. Connect...

...your wallet containing your avatar and inventory.

3. Interact...

...with friends and partake in virtual activities & events.


To be announced.


Roadmap 2022

• Partner Auction
• Public Sale
• DEX Release
• Partner Auction
• META v1.0
• Launch SAM ACE 
• Launch AA game
• CREATE v0.9
• Launch Zeelo


Mystery Advisor

To be announced.

Mystery Advisor

To be announced.

Mystery Advisor

To be announced.

Mystery Advisor

To be announced.

Josh Meier

Blockchain Strategist

Marloes Pomp

Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Reinout ter Brake

Gaming Serial Entrepreneur

Tim Rainer

NFT / Metaverse Advisor

Corey Billington

Metaverse IP & Licensing

Laurence Diederich

CSO PolkaCipher

Jelle van der Steen

CEO Cryptobieb

Madeleen Mulder

Metaverse IP & Licensing