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Upgrade your UE & Unity projects to unique Web3 Metaspaces & Collectibles


Stream your Web3 Metaspaces from your own website and channels.


Tokenize your Web3 content and monetize it to your needs.

YOM Token fuels the ecosystem

Tokenized Tickets

Sell tickets & passes that provide access to exclusive metaspaces

Tokenized Metaspaces

Lease (or sell) metaspaces to organize events and generate revenue

Tokenized Wearables

Create unique wearables to sell, which can be worn across all metaspaces


Earn rewards and NFTs by partaking in events hosted in metaspaces


Make metaspaces profitable by displaying branded assets


Wear branded assets to acquire unique abilities & generate revenue

All good... Beam me up, Scotty!

1. Visit...

...a partnersite building a metaspace on YOM.

2. Connect...

...your wallet containing your avatar and inventory.

3. Interact...

...with friends and partake in virtual activities & events.



Roadmap towards TGE

Follow our progress in building the most powerful layer 1 Metaverse platform in the world. Specially for our community, updated every 2 weeks and discussed in the State of the Metaverse show.

View full Roadmap
State of the Metaverse

State of the Metaverse

In this brand-new show, our CMO Aragorn Meulendijks talks with knowledgeable web3 leaders about the latest developments in the Metaverse industry. Live every Friday at 16:00 CET (UTC+2) on Youtube and Telegram.

Listen or watch on: 


Alex van der Baan

CEO / Founder

Jorrit Velzeboer

CTO / Founder

Daniël van der Waals

Chief Web3 Explorer / Founder

Aragorn Meulendijks

Chief Marketing Master

Ronald Klarenbeek

Product Manager

Chantal Roberti

Creative Director

Rohan Solanki

Sr. React Developer

Julio Rodriguez

Sr. Cloud Engineer

Sietze Riemersma

Unreal C++ Wizard

Sandeep Machiraju

React Developer

Arthur Bolhuis

Unreal Engine Artist

Rob van der Sloot

Unreal Engine Developer

Jeroen Elout

Community Manager

Nikola Khalil

Content Marketer

Beau Wolters

Content & Video Marketer

Jochem Stouten

Community Moderator

Patrique Janssen

Community Moderator

Fenna van Raaij

HR Advisor

Menno Kamerman

Money Maestro


Josh Meier

Blockchain Strategist

Marloes Pomp

Dutch Blockchain Coalition

Reinout ter Brake

Gaming Serial Entrepreneur

Corey Billington

Metaverse IP & Licensing

Jelle van der Steen

CEO Cryptobieb

Serge Ajamian

Blockchain Cryptopreneur

Mystery Advisor

To be announced.

Mystery Advisor

To be announced.

Mystery Advisor

To be announced.

Mystery Advisor

To be announced.

a Decentralized Metaverse Infrastructure


Earn or Spend $YOM on tokenized tickets, metaspaces, wearables or any virtual asset you can think of.


Explore our Metaverse Marketplace from any device. Buy or Sell Tickets, Virtual Assets (NFT), Wearables, Collectibles etc.


Create, Mint, Buy and trade Unique Metaverse NFTs.


Host your own Metaspace on YOM and maintain them easily, safely and decentrally.


Build any Metaspace or Galaxy you can dream off using our YOM Unreal Engine 5 Metaverse SDK.


Become part of ours and Build your own close-knit metaverse community of Artists, Brands and Creators.
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