Your Open Metaverse Token

The Fuel of the Decentralized Metaverse

$YOM is a blockchain-based metaverse token built on Solana that enables users to earn and spend in the Your Open Metaverse ecosystem. $YOM is the universal currency that fuels all transactions on Your Open Metaverse.

The open metaverse is a platform to create worlds and realities, with spaces for people to share, collaborate, and create. The $YOM token fuels the ecosystem of this platform. Earn or spend $YOM on tokenized tickets, metaspaces and wearables for your creations, or just plain old tokens that can be bought and sold with other crypto currencies.

Open your world to new possibilities.

Unlock the full potential of our metaverse platform with Your Open Metaverse Token. Earn or spend $YOM on tokenized tickets, metaspaces, wearables, or any virtual asset you can think of. With ever-changing events hosted in our metaspaces, there are always new ways to earn rewards that can be redeemed for anything from NFTs to event tickets.

Monetize your Metaspaces.

Organize your event with Your Open Metaverse! Sell or lease metaspaces to other users in the community to generate revenue. With our fully decentralized platform you can create, attend, and promote events all while earning rewards.

Earn or Spend $YOM on anything from tickets to wearables. In the Your Open Metaverse ecosystem, brands can make their branded assets profitable by displaying them in metaspaces. No matter if you’re a business or an individual, the benefits of our system are yours for the taking.

NFT wearables that are always with you.

NFT wearables are all about innovation and style, but most wearables are limited to one metaspace at a time. The tokenized wearables you can find on our NFT marketplace can be worn across all metaspaces, giving you the freedom to express your unique style across the metaverse.

YOM Token fuels the ecosystem

Tokenized Tickets

Sell tickets & passes that provide access to exclusive metaspaces

Tokenized Metaspaces

Lease (or sell) metaspaces to organize events and generate revenue

Tokenized Wearables

Create unique wearables to sell, which can be worn across all metaspaces


Earn rewards and NFTs by partaking in events hosted in metaspaces


Make metaspaces profitable by displaying branded assets


Wear branded assets to acquire unique abilities & generate revenue



Roadmap 2022

• Partner Auction
• Public Sale
• DEX Release
• Partner Auction
• META v1.0
• Launch SAM ACE 
• Launch AA game
• CREATE v0.9
• Launch Zeelo
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Metaverse token on Solana

Our mission is to create the ultimate open metaverse experience with the best metaverse token. Our goal is to ensure that every user lives in an environment, where their digital self can interact with other digital selves seamlessly without any boundaries whatsoever.

One purpose of the token is to create a decentralized economy that rewards users for participating and sharing their data with advertisers and other parties interested in paying for good quality data. This platform will provide digital goods and services to consumers without middlemen charging high fees or creating monopolies through centralized control of supply and demand.

This token will be used for microtransactions, pay for digital goods and services, and provide incentives for users who contribute data to the platform. We believe it's important to allow users full control over their data and be able to benefit from it financially by selling it for a profit or using it within the metaverse environment if they choose not to sell it.

What is the YOM token?

The YOM token is a utility token that will be used for transactions on our metaverse network. The tokens will be used to execute smart contracts and execute transactions, which will allow users to trade with one another seamlessly.

In order to create the ultimate open metaverse experience, we have created a digital resource exchange, which will allow digital content creators to sell their creations at prices of their choosing with no centralized fee for distribution or sale.

YOM token can be thought of as a digital currency that can be used in all metaspaces connected to the YOM network. Just like you can use a coin at a festival, you can spend YOM in the marketplace and during virtual events and in virtual worlds. Join our community to always stay up to date with the latest news and direction of the YOM market!

Why do we need a decentralized economy?

We live in a world where digital goods and services are becoming more and more important. The internet and now the metaverse has created a new kind of economy, where value is based on virtual goods. In this economy, there is no need for middlemen to connect consumers to products or services.

That's why we need a decentralized digital token that can facilitate seamless transactions between advertisers and consumers. This way, service providers will be able to make deals with advertising agencies without the high fees or monopolies imposed by centralized control of supply and demand.

Decentralization will have a huge impact on the way we do business in the future — and YOM token is going to help us get there!

How does the YOM token create a new digital self?

The YOM token is important to our ecosystem because it will be the metaverse's main currency. It is an open source, decentralized, and transparent digital/tokenized economy that lives on the Solana blockchain.

First, the YOM token will give users the power to create a digital self. This is because each user will have their own tokens which can be used to purchase goods or services within our ecosystem. You'll also be able to store your tokens in your personal wallet.

Second, the YOM token helps users create a new identity by rewarding them for playing games, watching videos, providing data with advertisers, etc. This helps support our goal of creating a more personalized digital environment for each user.

Lastly, with the help of the YOM token we will be building a new digital world with no boundaries between people's digital selves. We hope you join us on this journey towards creating an open metaverse!

Crypto versus Facebook and Other Big Tech

There’s a battle going on in the social media world that is about more than just Facebook and Twitter, it’s about who will have ultimate control of the metaverse. Social media is a big part of our lives. We use these platforms to communicate with friends, share photos and videos, and even to see what others are doing. The way we use social media has changed over the years from being mostly text-based to being mostly photo based. In recent months, Facebook has been exploring ways to integrate virtual reality technology into its platform to create a whole new experience for its users.

Facebook and other big tech companies want to dominate the market, but crypto is making that difficult. With crypto, we’ve seen a shift away from centralized power and towards decentralized power. People are looking for ways to take control of their own data and they no longer want to be beholden to centralized entities like Facebook and Google. Although the world is still in its infancy with regards to crypto and decentralization, it is something worth paying attention to. Blockchain technology has already had a major impact on the way we view social media and there is no sign of it slowing down any time soon.

YOM tokens are used for all transactions on the site as well as fueling its' blockchain technology which encrypts user data so it cannot be hacked by third parties such as Facebook. In this way, YOM holders can use their tokens to show Facebook how powerful crypto really is when people have control over what information they want shared online without fear of being exploited by large corporations like Zuckerberg's empire who don't care about privacy concerns but only profit margins.