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Your gateway to metaverse concerts, experiences and collectibles

Explore the metaverse with our marketplace. It's your gateway to concerts, experiences and collectibles in the YOM ecosystem.

Our Metaverse Marketplace is a place to explore the full range of items available in the decentralized metaverse. You'll find music, experiences, clothes, and more...but you'll also find NFTs for the Metaverse.  Explore the YOM Marketplace where you can buy and sell metaverse NFTs in the form of tokenized tickets, metaspaces, and wearables.

Sell tickets and passes that provide access to exclusive metaspaces.

Sell tickets and passes that provide access to exclusive metaspaces. Sell your tokenized concert tickets, tokenized passes for VIP parties, or tokenized backstage passes. In the metaverse marketplace you can sell your digital goods with actual utility in the metaverse.

"Experience the Metaverse" is more than just a slogan, it's a lifestyle. With a tokenized ticket, you can experience exclusive metaspaces and enjoy special events with friends from all over the world.

Sell or lease metaspaces to generate revenue.

You can now generate revenue by renting or selling digital spaces in the metaverse. Tokenize your metaspaces to measure and monitor usage. Choose to sell or lease them to generate monthly rental income.

Want to make an impact on your audience? Introduce them to Metaverse - a virtual world with real-world implications. Create a metaspace and host an event of your own, or sell or lease it for others to do the same. Be a part of this new era in social events that not only has the power of VR, but also offers a level of ownership and economic opportunity never before seen.

Wearables that work across the metaverse.

For the first time ever, clothes can be worn in more than one metaspace. The Your Open Metaverse Marketplace lets you explore NFTs that have actual utility in the metaverse—like tokenized tickets and wearables. Sell your own Metaverse-ready wearables and own a piece of the future.

a Decentralized Metaverse Infrastructure


Earn or Spend $YOM on tokenized tickets, metaspaces, wearables or any virtual asset you can think of.


Explore our Metaverse Marketplace from any device. Buy or Sell Tickets, Virtual Assets (NFT), Wearables, Collectibles etc.


Create, Mint, Buy and trade Unique Metaverse NFTs.


Host your own Metaspace on YOM and maintain them easily, safely and decentrally.


Build any Metaspace or Galaxy you can dream off using our YOM Unreal Engine 5 Metaverse SDK.


Become part of ours and Build your own close-knit metaverse community of Artists, Brands and Creators.

Roadmap 2022

• Partner Auction
• Public Sale
• DEX Release
• Partner Auction
• META v1.0
• Launch SAM ACE 
• Launch AA game
• CREATE v0.9
• Launch Zeelo
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