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Create the Metaverse with us

Create your own 3D metaspace in minutes. Easily monetize it by creating your own NFTs. We've got the infrastructure, SDK, and marketplace to make it happen for you. Make the metaverse yours!

Your Open Metaverse will be the world's first decentralized metaverse platform. It will make it super easy and fast for you to create, host and monetize your own metaspace and 3D NFT assets. It will give you the power to go from an initial metaverse strategy to minting and selling your own metaverse NFTs and offering your audience compelling and immersive metaverse experiences.

Create and monetize fun virtual worlds.

Have you ever dreamed of creating and monetizing your own virtual world? Your Open Metaverse makes it possible. Create custom worlds, embed them on your website, or explore other worlds in our marketplace and offer your audience compelling and immersive metaverse experiences with our Unreal Engine SDK and cloud infrastructure.

Sell your creations and trade NFTs with the marketplace.

Monetize your creations and trade NFTs on our marketplace. We provide the infrastructure, SDKs, and blockchain to make it easy for you to create, host, monetize and sell your own metaspace and 3D NFT assets. Our marketplace also has a built-in search engine which allows you to find items that might interest you.

GDPR compliance for everyone.

With GDPR compliance, you're providing your users with the best user experience--and giving them the power to control their own data. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to buy what you offer. That means less friction and more conversions.

a Decentralized Metaverse Infrastructure


Earn or Spend $YOM on tokenized tickets, metaspaces, wearables or any virtual asset you can think of.


Explore our Metaverse Marketplace from any device. Buy or Sell Tickets, Virtual Assets (NFT), Wearables, Collectibles etc.


Create, Mint, Buy and trade Unique Metaverse NFTs.


Host your own Metaspace on YOM and maintain them easily, safely and decentrally.


Build any Metaspace or Galaxy you can dream off using our YOM Unreal Engine 5 Metaverse SDK.


Become part of ours and Build your own close-knit metaverse community of Artists, Brands and Creators.

Roadmap 2022

• Partner Auction
• Public Sale
• DEX Release
• Partner Auction
• META v1.0
• Launch SAM ACE 
• Launch AA game
• CREATE v0.9
• Launch Zeelo
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